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    Greetings, I am Johnathan!


    I've made the decision to develop this blog to let you know all about my own, personal financial investment as well as my traveling experiences.


    I love travel and in order to go on the road, I personally finance the travels by working with alternative assets. My goal is to write posts relating to travelling, and in addition, writing evaluations on this site about a assortment of the different investment options I currently use..

    I am part of the Fiscal Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement, so I retired while I was 40 years old. Something else I want to publish on my web site is motivate folks to become financially self-sufficient.

    With a little luck this site will help you make investments correctly, and wisely at the same time, so perhaps you can retire early too (if you're not already)..

    Please feel free to follow me on this journey also.

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    Ok, so I don't really understand how this website software works, but I'm going to try and post an article I wrote last weekend while I was traveling in the UK. about some of my alternative investments.


    Many individuals consider investing as buying stocks, bonds, index funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). A lot of people who've been investing for some time might even invest in such things as commodities or Foreign exchange. Others might also think about buying the pink slips of mining corporations, or maybe buying metal funds. If an individual starts considering different places to invest their money, they need to be sure it is a genuine alternative investment. As an alternative, exploit various other investing techniques which will help you expand your wealth.
    In the article up coming, we have recommended several other kinds of alternative investment opportunities you may settle on for the coming years.



    Peer-to-peer Lending


    P2P Financing, often also called P2P Loaning, is really a brand new investment vehicle. Online Peer to peer services provide financial loans for corporations, individual use, or anything else imaginable.As there are normally a lot of lenders who wish to loan the money to borrowers, whenever there are enough, the money can be released when due diligence has been done on the applicant.

    No bankers are allowed in P2P lending. Your cash is usually combined with many other investors’ money, and together you are making a loan to the individual looking for financing. Payments will be received every time period (generally month-to-month) which usually include the interest for the loan. Often, the actual returns you get from Peer-to-peer loaning are generally more than those you'd get from ordinary savings vehicles.

    Your cash is obviously at risk with Peer-to-peer lending because the possibility of defaulting (people failing to pay the loan back) is always present. It usually is apparent you could be loaning to an applicant who had previously been unable to obtain a loan utilizing other means of financing. It is good to understand though that you get to pick out which loans you would like to invest in dependent on things like the candidate's credit history plus various other financing elements. Companies such as Loanpad actually have funds called "Provision Funds" which pay investors back if defaults occur. Providing the platform stays in business, this makes things much more comfortable for the private investor.. 

    Lots of websites review a variety of peer-to-peer loan providers that will help you understand peer to peer investing. Listed below are a couple:
    Lenden Club Blog
    Funding Circle Review Blog
    Revenue Land Blog



    Property Investing

    Should you decide to invest in real-estate, you can buy and own property. Obtain any sort of property, such as commercial buildings such as office complexes and manufacturing facilities, and then you sit back and get the regular monthly lease payments. Usually so long as you have the required deposit, a regular bank will give you a mortgage for the remainder. The income from tenants, plus any amount the property has increased in value, will come straight to your bank account. There is also a easy way of taking advantage of this even more by getting together with a few other individuals & combining funds as a way to invest in a property as part of a coop. Disbursing financial risk amongst many investors is a great idea, and there is also a potential that you may meet other investors who could help you in long-term efforts.
    Rather than direct funding, myself I tend to use peer to peer websites which manage lending on real estate property since this is a little less work.
    Many platforms enable you to purchase real estate property while not having to handle the obligations of becoming a property manager. Among others:
    Crowd Street
    APH Fund

    A number of financial loans such as these have fees each month, plus a few will make a charge if you have to get out of the loan prior to when the term comes to an end, so be sure you are aware of the t's and c's prior to making an investment.

        Investing In Gold

    Gold & silver have been a store of value plus an superb investment for more than 10,000 years. Because of this, it is often a popular asset and can be a strong competitor to stocks & bonds. Gold is viewed as a great diversifier because of minimal correlation with other asset classes, especially stocks and shares. This grows more pronounced in challenging times when gold can act as a rescue asset.
    Numerous options exist for buying gold & sliver for example index funds, tracking funds and ETF's, in addition to buying physical gold or coins using a gold supplier.




    Online Venture Capitalist



    In case you don’t wish to own your own business, you might like to think about purchasing a part of someone else’s. Venture capitalists can be given stock shares in start up businesses using funding websites.
    If you invest in a company over an equity crowd funding platform, you own part of it and will be rewarded if the business is successful. The risk is that if the company falters, you could lose some or all your money.



    Summing up


    The best way to succeed with investment strategies will be to distribute risk between multiple assets. So it is a smart idea to consider all the financial assets mentioned above, including normal financial assets including securities, gilts and index funds.

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